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Nomadic 35mm film photo enthusiast from the Pacific Ocean. All photos taken by Brianna Ortega (c) 2011-2014 All Rights Reserved.
Ending this blog

August 25, 2014

Thank you lovely people for all your support! It has meant quite a lot to me, and I have been stoked to interact with many of you on an individual level. Unfortunately, I will be slowly letting go of my presence on Tumblr, which includes ending this blog by the end of the week. You will still be able to follow me and see my photos on CargoFlickr, and Instagram and (for now at least) I will still have my main tumblr/more personal blog

With a ton of aloha, Brianna

Hey guys! I’m selling a few 5 x 7 inch prints for 5 dollars at my new shop! All monetary support goes to supporting my adventures. :) Thanks for your support here on Tumblr. It means a lot!


I haven’t been really taking many film photos for 4 weeks… I’ve been feeling stagnant with photo taking. But, I’ve been doing a lot of ceramic handbuilding, drawing, fashion design dreaming, and sewing. This weekend I’m going away to central california so I’m excited to take a bunch of photos. Surf photography has been knocking on my door for a long while now, but I want to buy a zoom lens, and I might just get a waterproof disposable to have fun with this weekend as well. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and never forget to enjoy the little things!